Chatbots in marketing – the InteliWISE solution for a Desperados campaign in Poland

Chatbots in marketing – the InteliWISE solution for a Desperados campaign in Poland

Consumers use online communicators, especially mobile ones, on a daily basis. Therefore new technologies can help business and offer some fresh solutions in communication with the company’s target group.

Effective communication with many users at the same time is ensured by Chatbots, which are more and more willingly used by brands all over the world.

Chatbot is a computer program based on artificial intelligence algorithms, its task is to conduct a conversation with an Internet user – imitating an actual conversation with another person. Chatbots are the most frequently used tool in customer service, but their possibilities are constantly growing.
Chatbots in marketing can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. as support:

· for newsletters – they can fulfill an information function (latest promotions or industry curiosities);
· for applications for contests and lotteries – the user can go through the whole application process using e.g. Messenger from Facebook, which will also inform him about any possible winnings;
· for brand image – they can play an entertaining role and build positive associations around the company.

InteliWISE Chatbot for Desperados

Desperados, as part of the campaign “Bo chcemy poczuć więcej” (ang. Because we want to feel more), is promoting the variant of Desperados Nocturno – a combination of beer and the taste of tequila and rum. For this purpose the company launched a special Chatbot from InteliWISE. It records the shouts of Internet users sent in Messenger app on the brand’s fanpage, and then integrates them into the music bit and sends back personalized songs to the users. Anyone who receives their music can continue playing and record a short video showing creative way to open the bottle of Desperados Nocturno. The most creative applications have a chance for company prizes (t-shirts, sneakers, bags) with a printed line of their shout, registered by the Chatbot.

This is an unconventional way to communicate with customers!