Chatbots in HR. How to best implement AI for recruitment and team management?

Digital integration also includes HR and is reflected in recruitment processes and management of employees’ internal affairs – implemented contact automation solutions are designed to improve relations between the company and employees (including communication with potential hires).

A recent Gartner study found that 37% of companies have already implemented Artificial Intelligence, and over the last four years, the number of organizations using different forms of automation has increased by 270%.  Companies recognize that fast communication is essential, especially for the smooth running of any HR department, where effective and efficient interaction with employees is key to the company’s success. It is people who determine the value of companies. Needless to say, it is worth maintaining excellent care of them throughout their careers – from the recruitment process, through the introduction of new people into the company (onboarding of employees), to dealing with internal issues.

Good communication is ensured by Chatbots which, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing technology (NLP), communicate fluently with their users through chat (whether placed on a website, in social media or in dedicated applications and communication platforms).

Virtual Assistants will recruit new employees

Recruitment Chatbots are an ideal method to support the process of searching for new employees. Chatbots will provide interested candidates with all the information concerning the company such as available positions, requirements and duties, as well as the application itself, without the participation of costly recruiters. They will make it possible to send a CV or even conduct an initial interview. Chatbots will talk to potential candidates, ask them preliminary questions, which HR specialists will analyze so as to check whether the application is adequate for the given position. This will save all parties time and potential employees will avoid the additional stress of unnecessary job interview.  Virtual Assistants are friendly and helpful, and above all, they do not judge anxious candidates.

Chatbots facilitate the onboarding process for employees

The process of bringing new employees up to speed is time-consuming for both parties, and for HR departments it is repeatable and tedious . Providing documents on information about the company, procedures, rules and company policy issues is an obligatory element for every new employee. Virtual Assistants can replace staff and quickly train employees and guide them through all the necessary forms, such as approvals and declarations or confidentiality documents. Chatbots also provide an opportunity to train employees in various issues such as health and safety or company systems – they can check the level of knowledge via tests and personalize onboarding to the employee, and company’s, needs.

Automation of processes increases the productivity of the HR team and its employees

Chatbots in HR departments are a helping hand for the people responsible for HR and the employees themselves. HR professionals have many tasks regarding planning, coordinating and resolving employee issues. Importantly though, they  must be present at all times to help with employees’ needs or concerns. And that’s what Chatbot, the company’s knowledge base, can take over. Moreover, Virtual Assistants can be a great source of knowledge about the company’s moral climate – it is easier for employees to make comments through automated tools that do not require in-person interfacing with  the HR department.

Chatbots using AI can continuously collect information about the needs of individual employees and help them to find their way through internal procedures. They provide a high level of comfort because employees have more confidence in asking questions through chat than during individual meetings with HR professionals. What’s more, they don’t have to make an appointment for an hour to talk to the Virtual Assistants, they can simply connect to the messenger and get instant answers.

How do Chatbots recruit?


Zappos is one of the e-commerce giants involved in the sale of clothing and footwear. Chatbot Zappos is available through a dedicated company career website and has several functions. It allows candidates to match job offers (based on their experience), review brand information (including information about organizational culture and values) and answers basic questions related to the functioning of the company, such as the location of offices or employee benefits.

Shamrock Foods

Shamrock Foods, an American catering company, is another example of employers using a Recruitment Chatbot. The Shamrock Foods Virtual Recruiter remembers contact details and asks some questions about an applicant’s experience so that the specialist responsible for recruiting new employees can decide on how to proceed. Chatbot is available on the company’s recruitment website.


STRV is a technology company operating in the United States and Europe, which uses Messenger to search for employees. STRV Chatbot allows to select the location and specifications of the vacant position and conducts a short interview with the candidate, collecting contact and other pertinent information.

Vortal of Public Employment Services

Chatbots supporting recruitment and personnel matters are becoming more and more popular in Poland. The Assistance Centre of the Public Employment Services Vortal, launched by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy in Poland, provides support for the unemployed, job-seekers and employers – all from the comfort of their home. The Virtual Clerk, implemented by InteliWISE, provides information related to registration with the Labour Office, available job offers or creation of CVs and cover letters. Chatbot has virtually relieved Labour Offices in Poland of the burden of customer service. Data obtained by users through the chat are useful and accurate, so fewer people decide to visit the offices in person. Virtual Clerk works through the Polish website of the vortal.

Communication is important for many industries and fields, but in the world of HR it is without a doubt the most important element.  Automated solutions provide employees with this without compromises. Chatbots are always at hand, regardless of the time of day (or night), and most importantly – they without bias and provide meaningful contact and information.