The Agent’s Portal: chatbots, Facebook, emails - now available in one dashboard

The Agent’s Portal: chatbots, Facebook, emails – now available in one dashboard

Customer service is associated with torrential amounts of customers’ queries, complaints, doubts, coming to agents every day.

With new avenues of customer interaction sprouting up continuously, agents can receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tickets, phone calls, emails, from customers or messages via Facebook. . How is one to deal with them to keep up the quality targets (SLA)? How can your company increase the work done by an agent by decreasing the work it takes to service a customer?

How does a typical day look like for a statistical call center agent?

As a rule, the day starts with one rushing to the kitchen for an extra large cup of coffee. Next comes their workstation, where queues of queries wait for them from the previous day or night.

Then they must login to their numerous Dashboards. To do this, most consultants have to “switch screens”,opening different consoles to support individual channels. At a minimum, there will be a CRM panel, Call Center Dashboard, Tickets box, live chat panel, Facebook Messenger and a corporate messenger. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

Only after starting up and logging into all of these consoles, screens and dashboards is the service agent able to keep up with customer inquiries.

Customer service agents are also human – how can we improve their efficiency without increasing their work’s complexity?

There is an easy way to increase the effectiveness of your agent’s’ work which will then significantly improve indicators such as Response Time, Handling Time and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Launching just one application allows every employee to be able to receive hotline calls from customers, SMSes, Facebook, website chats or their mailboxes.

Recently, we launched our omnichannel Agents’ Portal from InteliWISE – a new service that uniquely allows agents to preview and handle simultaneous queries from different channels, now including chatbots or Facebook.

How does it work in practice?

Imagine the following situation–an established customer who is interested in adding to their service package calls your company and during the call, refers to an automated message, application form or Facebook messenger from half a year earlier. Half a year!

Without our tool, the consultant will have to spend time looking for the referenced message. Then comes reading it, searching for the full history of customer’s contacts in their profile (CRM) and only then being able to return to the customer with clear information or an offer.

If they had used the Agent’s Portal, the consultant logged in to the system would have been able to check the customer profile (CRM) and their historical messages with other channels (Inbox), and within seconds would have been able to make a decision with all the necessary information at hand.

The customer’s contact history is available at the click of a mouse. Only a few more clicks are needed to immediately respond to the customer’s needs and meet his expectations. There is no longer a need to put a customer on a long hold or even call back–service can be almost instantaneous!

Just a glance at the screen is enough to give your agents all the needed information to make the best offer available for your customer.

Portal is the real deal for agents handling requests from omni-channel.

Get information from tickets (contact forms), phone calls, text messages, Facebook Messenger messages, even the texts from Chatbot conversations. All this thanks to the multi-channel dashboard (portal), that is integrated into one system. One service available in the cloud when you login to your own administration panel.

Straightforward, effective and efficient, our new tools allow your customer service agents to increase their productivity by minimizing the clutter.

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