“Chat-Assisted Sales” in 1to1 Magazine

Proactive companies are finding that chat not only works in assisting website visitor but is also an effective selling tool. Nearly one in five online consumers in the United States has used chat for customer service over the past year, according to Forrester Research. While chat serves as a powerful channel in which to offer service to customers online, companies are finding that chat can also act as a compelling sales tool, with conversion rates and average order values increasing when activated during the purchase process.

InteliWISE and the oldest distributor of Harley Davidson motorcycles in the U.S.

Chat doesn’t always have to be with a live agent to be effective. Kegel Harley-Davidson/Buell, the oldest distributor of Harley Davidson motorcycles in the U.S., deployed an FAQ avatar agent from Inteliwise in March called Vicki. Dressed in biker clothing, Vicki responds to people’s questions about purchasing a motorcycle, and asks prospects to enter their name and phone number.

Bob Smedley, head of IT, says Kegel Harley-Davidson/Buell expects Vicki to be responsible for a minimum of one sale per month.

[Chat] starts the first step in the purchasing cycle,” Smedley says. “I think that over time it will be a good investment.

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