‘Can’t pull up my secret word!’ – or what exactly Virtual Agents reporting can tell you?

The things customer analytics will NOT tell you

Marketers and sales people have always been after understanding customers’ behavior. Digging into customers’ intentions. Pre-empting their decisions.

For many years Google has been proud to hold the world largest base of human intentions. But when it comes to a singe company website, marketers, sales teams or customer service could not have gone beyond traditional web analytics, read what was on customer’s mind. They could have analyzed customer experience from clicks, heat maps- yes, but could not dig into how customers ask their questions. Until Virtual Agents arrived.

Feed for SEO & performance marketing

Virtual Agents are intelligent chats, that use Natural Language Processing (NLP), that enable customers to type in any question, anyway they like it. As one of the performance statistics, they provide transcripts of conversations of what exactly customers typed in – the report on the whole conversation.

It is like call center managers would be able to read transcript of all conversations. It gives marketers a powerful tool – they can analyze the exact wording, expressions, phrases that they customers are using while asking about products, services, and features. So aside of processor, chips manufacturer should consider procs, instead of password, Agent reporting will tell you that most of customers use phrases like Can’t pull up my secret word. Perhaps it’s worth changing the wording on the website or marketing collateral or AdWords campaign next time?

What your customer service team may miss

Reporting from Virtual Agent solution can provide all the information that sales teams would love to have, but live support team (like live chat operators) don’t have time to write down during conversation. Examples are the length of chat conversation, where the right answers came from (what knowledge repository was used to answer questions) and then – if the question was answered or no – which is important information for customer satisfactionratings, like NPS (net promoters score). It’s worth mentioning that Virtual Experts are providing answers 24/ 7, so there are no gaps in statistics where customer support team is sleeping or taking holidays.