Can live chat save the cart? 5 examples proving how you can benefit from it

Can live chat save the cart? 5 examples proving how you can benefit from it

The lack of instant response to the customers` issues, whenever they complete a shopping cart, is the most common reason for its abandonment.

Over 90% on-line shops investing in campaigns, incl. eMail Marketing, AdWords or SEO , rate them by “conversion rate” (the number of people who “responded to the campaign and made the transaction”). This, in turn, on average over the world fluctuates around only 0.3 – 2% (to purchase), and 5 – 15% (from registration, allowing e-mail, etc.).

One of the main reasons of cart abandonment is – trivially – “unresolved doubts”. They are the results of questions that arise in the process of buying and when accumulate, causing consumers inability for decisions.

Stop the clients – provide answers to their most frequent questions

After having monitored customers questions from “the cart “, the natural finding is that they form 2 groups: a personalized, individual questions relating to the offer and repetitive questions that customers simply cannot find the answers for.

Customers want to know the instant answer for the below, the most common issues:

  1. products availability in the online shop and specification, such as color, characteristics, parameters, the minimum purchase amount
  2. issues of cost, delivery, transportation and shipping
  3. range of additional services (assembly, finishing, maintenance, etc.)
  4. Goods receiving hours and days, including weekends
  5. Conditions for returns and exchanges

A great shopping experience often depend on good consulting. This applies to customers who shop online, even to a greater extent, than those, who shop in malls. Customers often give up and abandon the shopping basket, because they can not find all the details on the page. Therefore, the rapid, automatic responses to the most frequently asked questions. is a must-have.

Best two ways of offering in-cart assistance include live chat

None automatic, intelligent system responds to the clients` unusual questions. But with more than 85% precision will answer to the most frequently and regularly repeated ones. That is why we combine the technology of automated responses provided by the intelligent, Automated Chat and the live chat is supported by the salesperson.

With Automated Chat, you will properly address a simple question. More complicated issues can be immediately redirect to the Live Chat, supported by a professional vendor. In this way, customers` doubts will be recognize, you will help them and convince to buy.

Live Chat is a great way to increase the conversion and new customers acquisition. With it, your visitors will be able to quickly get answers to their questions, and you will gain the opportunity to persuade them to shop. Having a Live Chat confirms Customer`s conviction that he is important and the seller take care of him. This is an effective way to defeat the scourge of e-commerce – abandoned carts.