2 Awards for InteliWISE bots in a premiere AI Competition

The 6-language AI Chatbot from InteliWISE, Supporting Global Growth of Artgeist Online Store, Wins the 2022 Edition of the Giants of HyperAutomation competition

This year, the 5th HyperAutomation conference was organized by Mr Andrew Sobczak, phd, who is the editor-in-chief of and is the founder of the Liderzy.AI initiative and Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji contest.

The Giants of HyperAutomation is a contest in which participants, the AI tech providers, could present their implementations in number of categories, including Robotic process automation, Intelligent assistants, Automation using LowCode or NoCode.

The Argeist Chatbot powered by InteliWISE AI is the first-place winner in the category of Intelligent assistants for small and medium-sized organizations. The winning solution was a multilingual Chatbot for the Bimago global website, marketing the home interior designs.

Chatbot od InteliWISE dla serwisu Bimago Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji

Chatbot Lisa Speaks Six Languages, including Spanish, German and Italian

Artgeist thinks about its projects globally, which is why it focuses on development and solutions of the highest quality. With the help of customer service, the number of which increases with international expansion comes the InteliWISE solution – a multilingual Chatbot that improves the communication process between the client and consultant. The task of the virtual assistant is to support the Customer Service Office, relieving consultants from routine inquiries and remaining at the clients’ disposal seven days a week at any time.

InteliWISE Chatbot in the Online Store Completely Automatically Handles a Significant Part of the Questions

okno rozmowy z chatbotem intelliwise dla serwisu bimago w języku niemieckim

The Lisa Chatbot for Bimago conducted thousands of conversations, responding to 36% of all customer inquiries.

Special Distinction was Passed to the Artgeist Team for Their Part in Training and Creation of the First Chatbot Project on the InteliWISE Platform

Building database with Chatbot powered by InteliWISE

Artgeist has partially built the project independently using the InteliWISE Platform. The my.inteliwise console allows teams to independently configure projects and intuitively implement Chatbot.
In the next stage of cooperation, InteliWISE expanded the solution with new functionalities and integrations. Thanks to this solution, Artgeist uses Chatbot software that uses six languages, responding to the needs of support and development of customer service.

Automated Appointment Scheduling by Intelligent Voice Assistant (Voicebot) at the Gdynia City Hall is another Winner of the Competition

The Gdynia City Hall with the InteliWISE Voicebot was awarded in the Intelligent assistants category. Their virtual voice assistant fulfills their role in unblocking the city hall’s customer service helpline, by making an immediate appointment. Until the entry into the competition, over 78,000 connections were handled 100% by Voicebot.

Virtual Assistants are one of the most frequently introduced technologies as part of smart city solutions. Intelligent assistants, operating based on artificial intelligence algorithms, provide access to information about services provided by a given office, being an ideal complement to the staff and websites. By introducing modern technologies, local government units become friendlier to citizens and improve the quality of communication with residents.

Voicebot Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji

What are the benefits of implementing Voicebot in the city hall?

  • increased effectiveness of IT solutions implemented earlier by offices
  • smaller load of correspondence and phone calls in the offices
  • introduction of IT solutions appreciated in the commercial market
  • lower service costs