Avatar by Cameron versus by InteliWISE

The movie Avatar has been nominated for a total of 9 Academy Awards and to date has earned more than $2 billion at the box office. Director James Cameron took 10 years for the movie Avatar to come together. InteliWISE, spending the last 5 years injecting its own technologies featuring language recognition and incorporating video/video characters, has breathed new life into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Avatar dynamics for the worlds of CRM and e-Commerce.

InteliWISE’s Conversational Agent can, on its own, engage website visitors and understand their questions formulated in their own way, with the bottom line pay off being that questions are answered IMMEDIATELY. Perhaps even more impressive is that it only costs the enterprise 10 cents per conversation — versus the $5 to $35 cost per conversation enterprises currently pay via the Call Center dynamic. InteliWISE has thus moved the genre from one of less-than-smart Artificial Intelligence and gimmicky Avatars to one of next generation highly focused Conversational Agents with tangible bottom line payoffs for large enterprises doing business over the Internet.

Aptly, a Forrester report issued by Diane Clarkson in December 2009 was titled “It’s Time to Give Virtual Agents Another Look”.

According to Clarkson, 57% of US online consumers report that they are very likely to abandon an online purchase if they cannot find quick answers to their questions. However, Clarkson argues, satisfaction with online self-service has room to improve. To reinvigorate online customer service, eBusiness professionals should give virtual agents another look, Clarkson asserts. She contends virtual agent technology is evolving, with capabilities including natural language processing and the ability to integrate with enterprise systems. Virtual agents offer compelling business benefits, including enhancing customer experiences, reducing live help costs, and driving cross-sells.

InteliWISE couldn’t agree more with Forrester industry analyst Clarkson and another Forrester analyst, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff . The name of the game is : self help and assisting so visitor can take action or resolve issue immediately — while saving enterprise significant resources. The key is making it easy for the website visitor to ask their question(s) and then answering with great focus.

One study done by InteliWISE showed that 85% of website visitors that were engaged by an InteliWISE conversational agent expressed satisfaction regarding the interaction.

InteliWISE CEO Marcin Strzalkowski, intelligent and possessing a keen sense of humor, can finish a punch line to any one who throws out one of those silly jokes that asks how many Poles does it take to screw in a light bulb; but when it comes to building a successful business serving the likes of LOT Airlines in Poland and Comcast in the United States you can check your Polish jokes in at the door, thank you very much. These Avatars from Strzalkowski’s company InteliWISE, headquartered in Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley with R&D in Warsaw, are indeed WISE.

Roam a website with InteliWISE technology there to greet you, and one enters into a conversation with, what one might first assume is an Avatar. Within a mere subsecond of the website visitor asking his/her question, however, it is clear that an answer has been produced by a conversational agent with an ability to rapidly understand the question asked, and, with great focus, provide the appropriate answer.

And that puts a smile on the face of Diane Clarkson of Forrester, quite the sage industry analyst and author of “It’s Time to Give Virtual Agents Another Look”. Saving an enterprise from spending between $5 and $35 per conversation/call via the Call Center dynamic and instead spending 10 cents per conversation via the Internet self-help dynamic produces another set of smiles – for enterprise executives and Marcin Strzalkowski, CEO of InteliWISE.