Auto-complete, help me with my search…

InteliWISE introduces contextual auto-complete

A couple of days ago we announced launching this new feature of contextual auto-complete. Auto-complete shortens the way customers get to required information on enterprise & companies web sites. When one starts typing in a question – like ‘how do I…‘ or ‘I lost my card, what …‘ or ‘I need information on home loan‘ – an intelligent search is being activated as the customer types, anticipating what the user is searching for.

Not Just Keyword Matching

But wait – it does not match keywords only… It is using InteliWISE exclusive semantic intelligent searchsoftware. It’s analyzing the meaning of a customer inquiry, and determine customer intention and prioritizes search results based on the way questions are submitted. We are expecting that at least 50% of customer inquiries will be presented with auto – complete suggestions as they type, and will find the suggested link an accurate response to their query.

Customer Intention

In our research of query based auto complete we have found that the number one issue in providing correct results, is dependent upon correct interpretation of customer intention. The InteliWISE auto-complete engine scans each keystroke as the customer builds up the inquiry, in real time. Simultaneous to the customer input the search engine performs thousands of comparisons in real time against previous customer inquiries and delivers a candidate set of responses to the AI system. At this stage the system makes the best response possiblethrough application of proprietary algorithms designed to deliver up to a 95% accuracy of response.

Learn By Doing

With each customer inquiry the pool of questions and likely responses grows. As customers move on to the answers, we track the accuracy of the responses by analyzing the path that customers take after viewing the response. By seeing where and how long the customer spends time browsing the answers, we are better able to determine if the answer supplied meets the customer intention. Every question and response pair builds the knowledge baseand with it, customer self service confidence.