Artgeist Accelerates Global Growth Thanks to InteliWISE AI Chatbots

Start-ups and young entrepreneurs have higher aspirations to develop their companies and expand into new markets more actively. A vivid example of a successful global expansion is Artgeist – a dynamically developing team that has been helping customers around the world to create stunning interiors since 2004. Artgeist promotes its brand Bimago, which offers wallpapers, canvas, art reproductions, hand-made paintings, posters, graphics, screens and many other wall decorations. Over 27,000 designs in total.

Przykładowa oferta sklepu internetowego bimago

The multilingual team supporting the development of Bimago’s customer service from the beginning focuses on acquiring customers from all over the world. Thanks to the unique design and knowledge of the latest trends, they quickly achieved this goal. Today Bimago has online stores that support nine language versions for customers purchasing from 23 countries.

Win global shoppers  faster with sales automation solutions

Local companies from traditional industries performed well in international markets. Their early success depended on high product quality, low prices and competent service. However, in the era of widespread digitization and the hype for online shopping, they face new challenges.

Komunikacja wielojęzycznych chatnotów od inteliwise dla bimago

For further development, they need modern technologies within a reasonable budget that the company can afford. New solutions enable efficient sales support and customer service at the highest level. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs use innovative communication tools

Knowing the language of your clients is a crucial factor in international expansion. However, it requires hiring specialists fluent in particular foreign languages. When a business grows dynamically, the demand for more language specialists increases. Finding them can be challenging. The solution may be a multilingual bot based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to handle repetitive customer questions. The use of a bot can help in many processes such as:

  • offering on-site support to any number of customers, in any time zone,
  • analyzing customer questions in their mother tongue,
  • answers to questions immediately, 100% automatically, without overloading consultants.
rekrutacyjny voicebot dla hr od inteliwise

A bot is a virtual consultant and conducts a conversation with the client via the chat dialogue (widget) or the helpline. The quality of conversation increases customer satisfaction as it comes naturally and freely. Automating customer service allows you to help solve most problems of working consultants and significantly reduce workload.

Bimago Launched Chatbot, Powered by InteliWISE Artificial Intelligence

A multilungual bot named Lisa, created by InteliWISE, helps in serving a large group of international customers. A multilingual bot named Lisa, created by InteliWISE helps in customer service of a large group of international customers.

Conversation with chatbot powered by InteliWISE for Bimago

AI Chatbot is a software of the Conversational AI class based on natural language analysis (NLU / NLP) algorithms used to conduct a chat between a client and a virtual consultant. InteliWISE developers have already implemented over 200 similar solutions among companies in the USA, Canada and Europe. Chatbot has excellent adaptability, and it can simultaneously help thousands of customers (which often translates into tens of millions of interactions). It is the only solution classified by global analytical and consulting companies (such as Forrester Research) as one of the leading technologies of Conversational AI. 

Over the last few years, InteliWISE Chatbots have mastered their knowledge of foreign languages ​​and have become virtual consultants enabling companies to serve foreign clients. 

One of the companies that implemented InteliWISE multilingual AI Chatbot was The Bimago online store, the European leader in the decorative product market with global aspirations. Online Chatbot that speaks six languages ​​helped the brand effectively reach customers and develop in international markets.

“We chose InteliWISE because we were interested in the hybrid model, a combination of an automated Chatbot with a live chat with consultants. This solution allowed us to the far-reaching adaptation of the product to our expectations and current needs. We believe that Bimago customers will appreciate the individual approach. Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of our multilingual Lisa is a quick response when a customer needs support in the purchasing process, e.g. when redeeming a discount code from a loyalty program. It allows us to provide effective service without the need to involve the team”. 
Marta Czarnecka, Head of the Customer Service Office at Artgeist.

Multilingual Chatbots Help Start-ups and Established Organizations in Global Business Expansion

Multilingual bots, such as Chatbot Lisa in the Bimago online store, are intelligent and mighty solutions for many companies, which strive to attract buyers from foreign markets or already run export operations. Serving clients from abroad often causes hiring a particular number of native speakers, experts who make complex translations or open offices in other countries. Thanks to bots, this challenge is smaller. The problem of multilingual communication online is solved by AI Chatbot, designed to support service consultants in conducting conversations with clients of various nationalities.

Conversation with Chatbot powered by InteliWISE for Bimago order status

Thanks to the integration with the Magento Chatbot system, Bimago can automatically download information about order status and display it to the user during the conversation. The integration also allows you to display a link to track the shipment at the selected courier.

AI Chatbot resolves consumer issues in  English, German, Italian and others

okno rozmowy z chatbotem intelliwise dla serwisu bimago w języku niemieckim

The InteliWISE Chatbot quickly learns to use multilingual and in the Bimago store is now responsible for contact with customers from Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Supports the sales process by answering the most frequently asked questions from buyers. The multilingual Chatbot as a text messenger provides customers with uninterrupted access to offer, payment or shipping information. Assistance is available 24/7.

Intelligent, Automated Customer Service, Regardless of Language or Time Zone

According to the SYMMETRY Research Consultants (a research agency dealing with the analysis of user preferences), as many as 76% of respondents prefer contact with Chatbot, not a human, because it is the fastest and easiest way to contact the company.

“At Artgeist, we think about all projects globally from the very beginning, and with this approach, we also develop the brand of Bimago stores. We expanded European markets and achieved success much earlier than in Poland because we have hired customer service specialists fluent in German, French or Italian.” 
Paulina Matusz, Head of International Expansion at Artgeist.

“A chatbot is a tool that allows us to scale our business and help our consultants. We all know that multitasking is desired these days but can you imagine an effective consultant who immediately handles an e-mail inquiry, receives a live chat call and answers a phone call? Lisa manages 36% of all Bimago contacts. Thanks to that, our team can help other clients and actively participate in new projects.”
Marta Czarnecka, Head of the Customer Service Office at Artgeist.

Chatbot od InteliWISE dla serwisu Bimago w języku włoskim

Chatbot employed by Bimago is fluent in six languages, which, combined with correctly recognized query meanings, translates into the correct reading of the client’s intentions (definitely more accurate than in the case of a bot that uses only one language). Of course, knowledge of foreign languages – both in the case of humans and bots – brings the world closer and allows you to see new possibilities.

The Multilingual Chatbot Provides Intelligent Support to Smaller, Local Online Retailers by Answering Repetitive Questions

These days global companies use Chatbots as one of the leading technologies supporting service teams. The InteliWISE virtual assistant helps the consultants of the Bimago online store in their daily work. It allows them to use the human potential by taking over the movement of the most frequently asked questions and letting employees focus on more complex tasks or those requiring creative thinking.

“The goal of the InteliWISE Chatbot is to automate processes and offer the customers the possibility of contact at any time, even when they want to talk to us at midnight on Sunday. However, our intention is not to eliminate the human factor in customer service. We realize that some customers prefer to contact a living person.”
Marta Czarnecka, Manager of the Customer Service Office at Artgeist.

The Chatbot Works as Part of the Customer Service Team and Provides Real-time Feedback

Chatbot strengthens the team in at least two dimensions:

1. Reports the content of customer questions to the Customer Care team and provides scripts with historical chat conversations.
2. Submit more difficult, non-standard questions to the team.

A unique bot supporting the Bimago store uses a new integration system based on the combination of Chatbot and live chat. In the case of a question asked by a client from Berlin, Madrid or Rome and Chatbot does not know the answer, transfer it to a consultant who has expert knowledge.

The hybrid solution allows customers to choose the method of communication, chat with a bot or a conversation with a human. The technology implementation requires API synchronization and adapting the software to individual or unusual requirements.

BIMAGO Experts Can Update the Bot Content with Programming Tools

Building database with Chatbot powered by InteliWISE

The Chatbot launched by Bimago is fully customizable and adaptable to the current company requirements thanks to administrative tools provided by InteliWISE, such as my.inteliwise console.

InteliWISE equipped the company team with all the tools and necessary training. It enables independent development, launching new languages, correcting statements or editing content.

InteliWISE’s Multilingual Chatbots Help Boost Global Revenues

Cloud-based technologies, such as Chatbots, increase the chance of reaching a wider audience and help in the company’s growth. Research shows that a Chatbot speaking the ten most common languages ​​worldwide can establish communication with over three billion users!

“A professional customer service department, fluent in several languages ​​and knowing the mentality of customers in different countries is the foundation of our development. It helped us successfully expand internationally for many years. However, the InteliWISE solution let us reach the next level and enables almost unlimited sales scaling without additional burden on the Customer Care team.”
Paulina Matusz, Head of International Expansion at Artgeist.

Innovative IT tools is an excellent investment in a company’s image. It is also a crucial factor determining a competitive position in the market. The ability to adapt Chatbot to the needs and expectations of a particular industry – both in terms of the language of use and industry vocabulary – helps maintain a high standard of quality management.