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6 x YES for Voicebots – how can Voice Assistants improve customer service?

In contacts with companies, customers can choose from many channels chat, e-mail, social media but contact through the hotline, through the use of voice, has always been the most natural form of communication. Now a new technology is available Voicebot which can significantly modernize the contact with customer service

Thanks to the successes of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and assistants such as Siri, Alex and Google Assistant, users are accustomed to conversations with machines. Exactly like that – until a decade ago the robot’s voice caused only chills and reluctance – today, thanks to AI’s conversation products with excellent speech intelligibility, customer preferences have changed by 180 degrees.

Voice technology in business

For years, the main obstacle to voice applications has been the inability of machines to understand humans – the processing of natural language has not been accurate and advanced enough to actually understand people if they have not used very targeted formulations. But as soon as Apple and Amazon launched their Voice Assistants, people began to see how much they could do with voice technology. First of all, it is simply convenient – regular use of the voice to interact with technology becomes everyday life. And not only from the sofa in the living room – users expect the same quality in contacts with companies – they want to, so that the automated customer service line understands them just as well. And unfortunately, the call automation offered by the Call Center of most companies is very limited.

The implementation of a fully conversational AI voice system for enterprises is a huge amount of work, requiring an experienced provider – but it is possible and, given the changing market situation, necessary.

4 examples of Voicebots’ capabilities in generating leads and customer service

So far, the hotline consultants have served tens or even hundreds of thousands of calls related to recurring problems. This is where you should look for optimization and savings by implementing Voicebots. Here are the four most common cases:

  • Check order status, payment, booking, return status – comprehensive automation of recurring call types.
  • Collecting standard data over the phone – to verify the connection or request company and bank cards, filling in forms, comprehensive account authentication. 
  • New generation IVR – call distribution using voice, without the participation of a consultant, depending on the case.
  • Outbound/outbound sales campaigns – e.g. visit reminders, product reorders.

How can InteliWISE Voicebots improve customer service?

#1 By shortening the waiting time for the hotline to a few seconds
On average, a few minutes, in the best (but rare) case 20-30 seconds – that’s how many customers have to wait for a call with a consultant. Voicebots take calls immediately, within seconds, and when they don’t know the answer, they allow you to quickly connect callers with consultants who are trained to solve complex problems. Plus, there’s no need to go through the annoyingly long IVR menu. For example, Voicebot InteliWISE upgrades or even replaces the company’s IVR, is a more enjoyable option – it can ask callers about the reason for contact – just like a secretary – and intelligently connect them to the right department.

#2 By adding a voice function to existing chat rooms dictating a question
Voice is the fastest way to get in touch. Voicebots can be added to chat rooms – text widgets – in apps or social media – so that users can say what they are reporting with instead of typing long text in a window.

#3 By scaling up customer service on the hotline
Voicebot can conduct human conversations in a superhuman way. Voicebot can engage hundreds or even thousands of customers at the same time, while paying attention to each of them individually – this is extremely important in moments of particularly high traffic – promotion, failure. Voice Recognition and Natural Language Analysis (NLP) technology enables a smooth response to irregularities in hotline connections. The transfer of responsibility for repeated queries to Voicebots will translate into better management of the work of specialists.

#4 By shortening the duration of the transaction – reservation, cancellation, cancellation
Some tasks can be performed simply faster by machines than by consultants. Voicebot can perform repetitive tasks such as booking, cancelling a reservation, checking the status of ticket purchase – faster than consultants.

#5 By creating a more contactive customer service centre
Often the consultants are irritated and overwhelmed by their duties due to the pressure to serve as many calls as possible and the need to answer each question. And Voicebot is happy to answer hundreds of the same questions – always with the same amount of sympathy.

#6 By adding a voice to the self-service function
Thanks to Voicebots, self-service will be more customer-friendly. Instead of searching for answers to their questions on a website or forum, they simply ask the Voice Assistant.

Who launched Voicebot in Poland and where?

Voicebots are also becoming more and more popular in Poland, and thanks to more advanced technologies their level is highly satisfactory. Where do we handle things by talking to the Voice Assistant?

Jean Louis David virtual salon consultant Anna Grzywka will arrange, cancel or postpone the visit through the hotline and provide information about the company’s services. Any time of day or night.

Alicja, Voicebot from InteliWISE for ApexNet, a company specializing in training and consulting in the field of public procurement, divides calls into hotlines – it is enough to inform her what the case is – and redirects her to the right place.

The Automatic Travel Assistant at Gdańsk Airport will provide you with all the necessary information, e.g. departure and arrival information, check-in, baggage requirements, recommended transport to the airport.

The Orange Voice Assistant – Max – will be happy to give you the status of your cat and the possible amount of arrears, remind you of your landline internet password, turn on/off roaming and voice mail, or tell you how to replace your SIM card with a new one.

New technologies, based on artificial intelligence, can radically change even such traditional and popular solutions as hotlines within a few years. Voicebot is one of those technologies which, with deteriorating demography (and lack of hands to work) and dynamic development, is doomed to success. When analyzing the possibilities of reducing costs in a company and improving the quality of service, it is worth considering its gradual testing or pilot implementation.

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