5 Reasons to Deploy Virtual Chat Experts

Virtual Chat Expert – Learn By Doing!

If your running an e-commerce website you’re always looking to lower customer support cost. Pesky phone support cost can cut deep into profit margins. Every day live call centeragents collect and answer questions repeatedly that your customers could just as easily be answered by a Virtual Chat Expert.

When you deploy a virtual chat agent in the customer support center of your website, you give your customers a better way to answer their questions. Here are 5 good reasons to deploy a virtual agent today.

  • Virtual Agents understand user questions expressed in everyday language and present relevant answers using text and spoken word answers.
  • Virtual Agents learn as they go. When clients ask questions that the agent cannot answer, a human agent is notified, an answer is supplied, and the response-base grows.
  • Virtual Chat Experts are Available 24/7 to answer customer product questions, requests, and complaints.
  • Virtual Agents can handle thousands of questions simultaneously while maintaining the same high quality of interaction.
  • With more than 90% of queries and complaints recognized, Virtual Agents enhance web self service and cut customer support cost.

These are just a few good reasons to deploy a Virtual Chat Expert on your site.