5 Google Assistants and their implementations for Businesses

5 Google Assistants and their implementations for Businesses

Companies are facing a new communication challenge – the launch of Google’s Voice Assistant. Understanding how this new solution works—Google Assistant—and how it can help in a company’s digitalization push, is a key aspect for businesses today.

Google Assistant is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to voice control a mobile device, such as a networked mobile phone. Just like Alexa from Amazon or Siri from Apple, it is a useful and fast option for searching for relevant information. The challenge for companies is to create their own voice solutions, which will be dedicated to their brand. Voice control gives enormous possibilities. Voice recognition technology is being constantly improved; advanced Voice Assistants – Voicebots – understand the intentions of customers, regardless of pronunciation or accent. Combined with an intuitive interface, it provides a truly engaging user experience (UX).

According to a study by Capgemini (2018), as much as 40% of customers in the next three years will use Voicebots instead of applications or websites to contact companies. This is the fastest way to obtain information, and it does not require extra-ordinary activity or equipment – 81% of respondents use Voice Assistants on their smartphones. And as many as 82% of respondents admitted that contact with a  Voicebot guarantees the quickest handling of the matter and allows to obtain an accurate answer in an instant.

Google Assistants worldwide

The United States is a leader in the use of Voice Assistants. Companies in various industries are developing their own solutions to suit the needs of customers who prefer this innovative interface over traditional web-based queries. Voice commands allow you to order products or meals, check your account balance, report damage or to plan your day or trip.

Starbucks: Voice Assistant to support shopping

With the Google Assistant, you can order coffee from Starbucks in the USA via your smartphone, even when you’re standing in traffic on the way to work. Starbucks Rewards™ members can use their Voice Assistant to place orders or change orders. All you have to do is create an account with the Starbucks mobile app, connect it to the Google Assistant, and then launch a simple command: “Hey Google, talk to Starbucks”.

Starbucks: Voice Assistant to support shopping

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.starbucks.mobilecard&hl=en


U.S. Bank: Voice Assistant for Customer Service

Voicebots are a technology that is also used by financial institutions. The strategic goal is to replace the hotline with a friendly, voice-controlled virtual consultant to radically reduce waiting times for  customers waiting for a call. The American giant – U.S. Bank – enables its customers to solve problems and settle everyday banking issues related to accounts or credit cards with the help of Google Assistant. After connecting the Assistant to the banking application, users can check their account balance, recent transactions or repayment dates, just to name a few of the enabled features. To connect to the bank, just say “Ok Google, Talk to U.S. Bank”. For security reasons, and to avoid cyber attacks on the account, users must perform additional identity verification tasks during a virtual call.


U.S. Bank: Voice Assistant for Customer Service

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.usbank.mobilebanking&hl=en_US

Applebee’s: Voice Assistant for Order Support

Applebee’s, a well-known chain of American restaurants that has enabled its customers to order meals via Google Assistant. It connects to your Applebee’s account, through which you can make payments and input your delivery address. With “Ok Google, talk to Applebee’s”, Google Assistant lets you select a menu option or order your favourite, already saved order.

Applebee's: Voice Assistant for Order Support

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.olo.applebees&hl=en

Headspace: Voice Assistant for Marketing

Headspace is an application that teaches meditation users how to meditate, encompassing everything from beginners to advanced users. Those interested can trial some lessons, but full-version subscribers can connect their account with Google Assistant and practice meditation using it. To attract new customers, beginners, through the Voice Assistant, can try its capabilities in the basic version and decide whether to switch to the paid version.  In order to connect to Headspace it is enough to issue one of the programmed commands, e.g. “Hey Google, talk to Headspace” or “Hey Google, tell Headspace to start my daily meditation”.

FlixBus: Voice Assistant for Transport

FlixBus is a European bus transportation company. With the Google Assistant, you can plan your trip in no time – get information about available connections, timetables or travel costs. The Google Assistant helps you even in emergency situations, such as leaving your luggage on the bus, and gives you tips on the next steps. The Assistant is now available in four languages. In order to connect to FlixBus in Poland, you can ask questions such as: “Okay Google, ask FlixBus about the connection from Warsaw to Prague.


FlixBus: Voice Assistant for Transport

Source: https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/flixbus-fernbus-app/id778437357


Why is it worth to implement Google Assistant?

  • Google software has great speech recognition and can be successfully used in many  business applications.
  • Google Assistant is an effective opportunity to personalize products and services for customers.
  • There is a myriad of possibilities for integration with enterprise solutions, e.g. AI-Chatbot Enterprise class from InteliWISE.
  • Voice Assistant will soon be the best-known basis for communication between companies and customers.

Launching a Voicebot in marketing, sales or customer service requires a lot of experience in implementing AI into company. InteliWISE’s multidisciplinary team, which has already implemented dozens of Chatbots, can effectively provide support for your company when it integrates this innovative technology. Teams of communication process analysts, knowledge base engineers and content creators, supported by AI experts, are able to configure Voicebot to effectively replace inefficient voice infolines. One of InteliWISE’s first projects was the voice-controlled Virtual Advisor, which conducts the entire process of MTPL claims settlement. Even in this usually unpleasant moment for the customer, they can call  when the hotline consultants would be asleep, and without having to wait, they can report damages in the form of a conversation with a Voicebot. For the victim, immediate service may be their only consolation, and timely service can be therefore crucial.

Voice navigation is the future – both for e-commerce and other industries such as banking, insurance and marketing. Thanks to intuitive operation and the wide availability of solutions, users will use Voice Assistants primarily to save time. Thus, companies will be able to gain new customers and at the same time reduce their costs. InteliWISE’s expertise in navigating this new frontier of customer service and expense-driven goal can allow your company to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology while minimizing any growing pains.