Virtual Assistants and e-commerce – a perfect combination

5 Chatbots for e-commerce

Virtual Assistants and e-commerce a perfect combination
The e-commerce industry has long since become serious competition for brick-and-mortar stores. Young consumers, accustomed to using mobile phones for everything, are more willing to shop online through websites or shopping platforms. E-shops are now faced with the task of improving customer service and winning over those customers who consciously choose shopping in malls or stores due to a desire to maintain personal contact with sellers. Chatbots, i.e. Virtual Advisors, help to bridge this gap and build trust.

Chatbots are programs that allow for an intelligent text dialogue with the customer, allowing you to adjust their activity to match the real hours of users’ activity in e-shops. Virtual Assistants immediately provide answers to the most common questions of Internet users. What is really important is the fact that in the case of the e-commerce industry, the repetitiveness of queries about an offer, delivery, or payment methods is very high.

Why do online shops use Chatbots?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the leading trends in the e-commerce industry – both in terms of benefits already achieved and expectations for 2019.

Advantages of Chatbots implementation for e-shops within the InteliWISE framework experience reported to to date:

  • possibility to reduce the costs of comprehensive customer service
  • relieving customer service consultants of the most frequently asked questions – up to 40%* fewer inquiries directed to the helpline!
  • the possibility of gaining new, young customers accustomed to using the mobile channel
  • increased customer confidence in the e-shop thanks to direct contact with the brand and customers’ retained shopping preferences
  • precise identification of trends and consumer opinions from analysis of customer searches and questions
  • increase in competitiveness through purchasing process simplification and customer service automation via innovative solutions

Reasons why customers appreciate Chatbots-supported customer service:

  • instant answers to all questions about the offer, delivery, forms of payment, complaints, etc.
  • conversations regardless of the time of day or night
  • personalisation of contacts and purchases – the possibility of remembering shopping preferences and adjusting the offer to the clients’ needs
  • fast shopping with purchases from the chat window

Multiple seller’s performance on Live Chat, i.e. hybrid chat

The ideal situation for both parties is the use of hybrid chat, i.e. a combination of Chatbot functionality with a real online chat consultant – Live Chat. In case of more complicated questions or uncertainties, the Virtual Assistant can redirect the client to the chat consultant at any time. The e-shop will not lose the customer and the customer will receive comprehensive, timely service.

Virtual Shopping Assistants at your fingertips

Chatbots can function as part of a website, social media and various types of instant messengers, such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Kik.

The most common ways to use Chatbots in today’s e-commerce, especially on instant messengers:

  1. Increasing customer acquisition (leads)

  • inviting customers to a conversation via a widget
  • engaging customers, e.g. on Facebook Messenger.
  1. Increasing conversions

  • personalisation on Facebook Messenger
  • product offers
  • increased conversion thanks to guidance from Chatbot
  • saving contents of the shopping cart (shopping cart) in Messenger.
  1. Retention and active involvement of existing customers

  • after-sales support
  • intuitive operation of referrals (redirected clients)
  • the possibility of implementing loyalty programs
  • use of user-generated content

Chatbot Burberry

The British clothing brand Burberry has adapted new technologies to reach a wider audience. Chatbot answers popular questions usually directed to the customer service department and helps to browse the brand’s collections. If the customer has such a need, they can easily switch to Live Chat with a consultant. Virtual Advisor Burberry works via Facebook Messenger.

Chatbot Sephora

Chatbot Sephora is not only a Shopping Assistant, but also a trove of advice tailored to your preferences. The Virtual Advisor asks a number of questions to identify and offer personalized products – just like a consultant in real store. Once you have selected the products you are interested in, Chatbot takes you to the store’s website to complete your shopping. Sephora’s solution creates a unique customer experience, an added value that users will not find on a simple cosmetics e-shop page. You can use Chatbot Sephora in the Kik messaging app.

Chatbot Castorama

Castorama is a construction supply store chain that offers a wide range of products from various categories, including gardening, home improvement, decoration and do-it-yourself. Chatbot InteliWISE provides information about the company’s products as well as help with in-store and internet shopping. It will also answer the questions related to delivery and any available additional services. Castorama’s chat is a hybrid solution allowing the user to switch to Live Chat with a consultant seamlessly. The Castorama Virtual Assistant is available on their Polish website.

Chatbot 1-800 Flowers

Virtual Assistant 1-800-Flowers is an example of refreshing a traditional brand with a long tradition. Chatbot allows users to review gifts (depending on the occasion) and send flowers and gifts. The user can make a purchase and check the shipping status directly from the application. Virtual Assistant 1-800 Flowers works with Facebook Messenger.

Chatbot H&M

The H&M brand has implemented Chatbot, which recommends products based on customer preferences after they choose from a series of preferred style that define their own style. The Virtual Assistant will help you to create your own collections, browse the outfits created by other users and get inspiration from H&M stylists. This is a unique solution to drive sales – you can go directly to the website and make a purchase from selected pre-chosen ensembles or outfits. Chatbot H&M works in Kik.

Chatbots are ideal as sales support and customer service in the e-commerce industry. These brands are just a few examples of how companies can use intelligent automation to reach their target groups, build brand awareness and trust among customers. All this can translate into increased sales and faster growth. InteliWISE Chatbots using the latest AI (artificial Intelligence) technologies to help customers solve their problems, search for information and finalize their purchases.

*InteliWISE own data