1 million virtual chats with clients, millions of $$$ saved

Virtual Agents ‘hand in hand’ with Live Agent operators

Our virtual agents have run over 1 million chats conversations on our customers’ sites in recent months. For our global clients, they were assisting with transactions, answering questions, solving problems and navigating to the right responses. They ‘worked’ as a strong support for live agents in call centers, helped hundreds of thousands of web visitors with their problems, serving customers’ requests without live agent interaction.

InteliWISE Virtual Experts helped by solving customer problems globally, on a diversity of sites, including retail, internet services, intranet – HR portals and corporate sites.

Virtual chats, real problem solving

All the conversations run in the form of automated chats, backed by AI, initiated when customers typed their questions into a search box or in the FAQ sections. Chats typically consisted of more than 4 questions and responses and Virtual Agents were responding with an average 96% accuracy. Only about 4% of all callers required further assistance and only an average of 10% of questions and answers were about so called ‘small talk’ (what’s your name? I want to date with you, You’re cute and – unfortunately – some vulgar). 90% were serious, business questions and concerns, including “assist me while buying” questions.

Millions of real dollars saved

It’s estimated that our customers saved an amount exceeding $2 million dollars as a result of Virtual Agents handling their problems, in deflected calls and emails. This happened when virtual agents managed to solve customers’ problems, without the necessity of expensive live agents and call center consultants. This is a significant difference in how much it costs to answer online customer questions with InteliWISE Virtual Agents (starting from $0.05 per chat conversation) versus live agents in a contact center (from $5 per conversation). Virtual Agents are much more cost efficient for businesses with large online traffic and a high number of repeat customer inquiries.