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About InteliWISE

InteliWISE is enabling the digital transformation of the Customer Engagement and Service, by providing the intelligent, AI – powered, industry – leading cloud-based services. Used for both automated and live – assisted customer engagement and e-commerce, they are deployed by global enterprises (incl. Fortune500) and public sector organizations.

Our award-winning cloud – based software, is a combination of natural language processing (NLP) – a technology that enables customer intent recognition, with leading customer service and eCommerce technologies, to heighten the effectiveness of e-commerce and customer service. 

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Quoted recently as ‘the hottest tech’, the BOT | Virtual Assistant has always been our passion, and perhaps that’s why we are among the TOP10 global providers of Virtual Agent software by the major analytical group*. 


Our highly qualified engineering team, with Natural Language Processing and Big Data Analytics skills, has experience in both running IT projects and R&D projects in multinational environmentsWe are proud to have a strategic support from Intel Capital, the leading global VC, and Asseco Group, a Top5 European IT integrators.


How are our solutions used?

  • The key business goal for using Conversational Agents is to help leverage online businesses: provide a new experience, increase conversions, strengthen retention and decrease costs
  • This technology is used more and more in CRM, Contact Centers, marketing campaigns, research and HR portals/intranet
  • InteliWISE can build its web employees virtually on any website; we can provide you with an operational Proof-of-Concept within 24 hours

Market Context

Rapidly evolving market factors, customer expectations and economic conditions are driving an increasing number of the world’s largest businesses and governmental organizations to rely more heavily on non-human based web interactions with their customers. Historically, a significant component of this market has been labeled “web self-service”.

InteliWISE’s offerings expand the notion of “self-service” beyond the traditional customer service component. We are attacking the fundamental demand in the market place to create web site interactions that are “human like” both in the experience and in its effectiveness. We are doing so not only in the customer service and technical support business units but in those components of the organization charged with marketing, pre-sales interactions and the sale or e-Commerce transaction itself.

At the same time, changes in the market driven by technology and competition created strong demand to reduce time to value. Similar forces are driving expectations for 24/7 availability, consistency across all customer touch points, transparency for quality control and the ability to collect and analyze actionable data related to customer behavior and customer experience improvement. Virtual Agents offering human like interactions 24×7 with the ability to tap multiple company knowledge and data repositories represent a powerful technology solution to meet these market demands.


Moreover a recent Forester report shows that most customers in the US prefer self-service and self-sufficiency. IBM has been a thought leader and very active in answering such market demands. The recent announcement regarding Assurant cooperation in Contact Center arena underlines this approach.

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