The AI-powered Chatbots, Conversational AI and Omnichannel platform

We are a Conversational AI company, delivering smart chatbots, voicebots, omni-channel messaging and video collaboration software to over 150 brands.

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When using "free" chatbots, cloud platforms
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Deployed as on‐premise or in private cloud mode.

100% Configurable.
No Black Box!

Not a black box: brands get full control over content, AI‐algorithm and data privacy.

Programmable NLP

Supported with tools for content and development, and pre‐populated Q&A content for different businesses.

Use our Team I Professionals for your enterprise Intelligent Automation project

With the experience in AI and Chat projects for more than 150 global brands, including RFI and RFO processes.

Professional Services & Consulting

  • The smart Knowledge Base covering the most frequent Q&As helps to deflect calls & tickets
  • Customization
  • Deployement
  • Integration with existing contact center and CRM solutions


Key elements of our Conversational AI

Powerful question and intent recognition

Powered by InteliWISE NLP | AI.

Faster setup and content optimization

With +20 000 ready‐to‐use synonyms, answers.

Great user experience across channels

With omnichannel front‐end.

Seamlessly forward to Live Chat or CC agent

Powered by programmable escalations.

Integrations with leading Call Center,
CRM, HR, eCommerce